Commercial photography is all about getting a message across to the viewer.

At Creative Imagery, we understand how important your visual image is. In our studio location, we can control every aspect of your photograph to ensure your clients get the message you are sending.

Kevin has over 20 years of food photography and styling experience. We know your products are your babies so we will give them all the attention they deserve.



What I enjoy about photographing people is getting to know them in their environment.

What a facinating way to spend an afternoon. I love meeting new people and photographing them in ways that are unique to them.


Photoshopped images are looked down upon by many.

I feel that photoshop is just one of many tools in my bag of tricks. I love it when a client comes to me with some crazy concept. I always say "Sure, we can do that" and then the real fun of bringing the concept to life begins.

Nature & Travel

The older I get, the more I appreciate nature.

There is beauty all around us. All we have to do is look. I enjoy showing viewers something that they may have seen many times before but from a different point of view.


When the sun goes down, the stars come out.

I have fallen in love with night photography. I love the challenge and thrill of shooting in the dark.


Michael Whittaker
Grinner's Food Systems Ltd.

Over the years we have had the benefit of Kevin's tremendous technical and creative skill in producing many of the images we use in out Greco Pizza and Capt. Sub franchise systems. We have always found his work to be of the highest standards and we consider Kevin's involvement in our photography to be part of the reason so many of our marketing materials have won awards.

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