Exploring the far reaches of the planet - Expedition Photography

Since the winter of 2022, KEVIN SNAIR has focused his lenses on some of the most remote and special places that earth has to offer.

  In late January, 2022, I was given the incredible opportunity to test-run a brand-new position with Hurtigruten Expeditions. This dream job brought me to the snowy glaciers of Antarctica where I met an incredible team of energetic, passionate professionals. Together we brought guests to remote pockets of nature that were so pristine and teeming with life that I was astounded to know places like this still exist in our world. As the staff videographer, I found myself filming things that I had only seen in world-class documentaries. Shortly after I returned home, I was asked into a meeting where I was offered a full-time position, helping develop this new offering across their entire fleet.

  In the fast-paced couple of years since I started this dream job, our custom-built expedition ships have brought me to unbelievable new places. Whenever I land in a new location, I have to remind myself to slow down and take the time to truly absorb my surroundings. Soon, those special moments (which are constantly happening around us) start to reveal themselves. Whether my camera is focused on polar bears on the North West Passage, grizzlies in Alaska, arctic fox in Svalbard, king penguins in South Georgia, Hippos in the Bissagos Islands or humpbacks in Antarctica, I'm always grateful to be living this "life less ordinary"

  I'm now broadening my horizons even further as I explore new opportunities with additional companies within the Expedition Cruis Ship industry. As a photographer / videographer with multiple seasons of experience in both the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as Scandinavia, British Isles, Alaska and West Africa, I look forward to sharing my infectious passion for exploring nature with a whole new team.                  

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