About Me

My goal is to create images that share a message and cause the viewer to think.

I was born and raised in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. Playing in the outdoors was part of my everyday routine. Family vacations consisted of camping around Nova Scotia as there was never any shortage of beautiful scenery and places to explore.

At the age of 17 I joined the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve. It was durring my summer postings in British Columbia that I fell in love with photography. I bought my first SLR and I never looked back. From day one, I always enjoyed shooting things from unusual angles which allowed my images to stand out.

In 1989 I studied photography at The Nova Scotia Community College. I was drawn to the commercial side of things as I enjoyed the control when creating an entire world on set. My job placement was at Coldwell Photography and I was hired within the month (perhaps more to do with my dish washing abilities than photography .... but it was a start). I was a genuine photographer!

Over the years I have worked in a number of studios. We went from film and polaroids to digital cameras and macs. I now run my own studio in rural New Brunswick. Although the medium and equipment has changed, composition, lighting and creativity will always be a photographers most important tools. When not in the studio, I can often be found exploring the far reaches of the earth; documenting incredible places as an Expedition photographer/videographer.   

My Contacts

Country: Canada
Province: New Brunswick
City: Moncton
Telephone: 1 (506)381-4584
Email: kevin@creativeimagery.ca


My Studio

I run a home studio in Curryville, New Brunswick. My open concept home allows for plenty of space to photograph products of various sizes.


With the advances in technology, the need for the client to be on site has lessened. Although my clients are always welcome in the studio, many choose to direct via email allowing them to never have to leave their office. Proofs are instanly emailed for approval or input.

My Equipment

I have always been pleased with canon equipment. I presently shoot with a Canon R5 mirrorless system

One thing I learned years ago, it is that the place to invest equipment wise is in your glass. I have a variety of high quality lenses to meet almost any requirement.

All my lighting was purchased with travel in mind. If you can't maket it to the studio, the studio can come to you.